Look Book

Louisiana Children's Museum Project

Designer: Madeline Simpson

Art Direction: Jesse Delamore and Josh Mayer

The Louisiana Children's Museum was looking for a creative, sophisticated look book to bring to their donor meetings. The concept is simple: A look book showcasing the museum's spectacular new space inspired by a children's book. This piece is meant to be interactive and fun but showing future donors the educational benefit kids can have during their time at the museum

cover concept

If you have ever been to the Louisiana Children's Museum you will see that their signature exhibit is their "Move with

the River" 100 ft water table. I took inspiration from this special exhibit by incorporating the river movement die cut as the edge of the book. Very childlike and true to what the museum is all about.


Below are a few more spreads showcasing certain features and exhibits the museum offers. Some spreads incorporating interactive pieces you might find inside a children's book.

exhibit spreads

The next few spreads show how I handle the many exhibits LCM has to offer. The spread to the right is the opening section that opens up the four main exhibit attractions.


In order to talk about each exhibit and what makes each of them so special I incorporated a hidden flap that goes into more detail for each one.